11 cool projects people did because of their free time in quarantine
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11 cool projects that people have implemented because of the free time that came out of quarantine

Quarantine and self-insulation have many positive aspects, the most important of which is to have more free time. It can be used for watching serials and squeezing pets, or for self-education and creativity. We show you the achievements of those who decided to take up what he wanted to do for a long time.

This kind of pastime is best from the point of view that it can be boasted in social networks. After all, everyone is on the Internet right now.

"Trying to keep my children occupied! Paint ribbons + washable markers. Looks like a stained-glass window!"


"My grandmother got bored during the quarantine, so she tied me up with these home shoes."


"Restored Pablo Picasso's Woman with a Bird."


"Keeping myself toned up in quarantine."


"Lately I've been spending a little more time cooking dinner for the kids."


"My daughter made it out of hot glue and paint, and then she waited until I noticed. I'm very proud!"


"Rusty's cabin has been renovated."


"Draw this morning. Named “Battle Scars”, Acrylic."

drawing 2

"Quarantine, day 14. My boyfriend and I spent all day creating an art gallery for our gerbil."


"Just finished this miniature that I've been doing for the last four days during the quarantine."


"Hobby progress during self-isolation. This week, the samurai!

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