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11-Year-Old Belgian Graduated from College. He Wants Humans Becoming Immortal

Laurent Simons

A boy from Belgium became the second-youngest graduate in history. And now the 11-years-old wunderkind wants to make humans immortal.

Laurent Simons from the Ostend city is now considered the youngest college graduate on the planet. Started studying in 2020, he successfully finished his Bachelor's degree in physics. And he got the highest grade among all the other students, graduating with an 85% rate. Simons also managed to complete the course in one year instead of three.

However, Michael Kearney graduated in 1994 with a degree in anthropology, being 10 years old. He takes the first place of the youngest graduate. But Simons could have graduated even earlier if he wouldn't have dropped University in the Netherlands in 2019 when he was 9. Then, the administration denied his graduation because he wasn't 10 years old. The boy's father also accused the college of criticizing his son for all the media attention his son received for demonstrating his intelligence.

Now, the boy is planning to make people immortal by replacing human body parts with mechanical elements. And with the help of quantum physics, he is going to explore this first piece of the puzzle of humans becoming immortal.

This year, he has already attended several courses in the Master's program. And starting from September, he will officially begin his Master's studies.

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