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12 facts about YouTube


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. The first video with a million views was a Nike ad featuring Ronaldinho. Here are some more amazing facts about video hosting.

  • YouTube has its own production facilities in Los Angeles which users can use for free if they have more than 10,000 subscribers;
  • If YouTube employees identify copyrighted material in users' videos, they give the owners of those copyrighted material a choice to block the video forever or to be entitled to a portion of the advertising revenue. For example, South Korean performer Psy gets $40,000 for user videos that feature his famous Gangnam Style;
  • When C-SPAN asked to remove the illegal copies of White House scandalous White House correspondent Stephen Kohlber's speech from YouTube in 2006, Google bought the rights to the material and saved the viral video, which had already been viewed 2.7 million times in less than 48 hours;
  • The developers of "Total War: Rome" hired a group of people to create YouTube entertaining videos about the Punic Wars and Roman history instead of spending the marketing budget on advertising the game. And the developers asked not to mention the game, the group had to "just teach history";
  • North Korea posted a propaganda video on YouTube that showed New York City on fire. The video was deleted for using copyrighted footage from Call of Duty;
  • The first video uploaded to YouTube was about elephants;
  • YouTube had the same traffic in 2007 as the entire Internet in 2000;
  • More than 60% of the thousand most popular YouTube videos have been blocked in Germany.
  • More than 100 accounts of Japanese cats with partner status have been created on YouTube service. The site insider reported that the income level of some cats is higher than the average salary in Japan.
  • If the video starts to get too many views, YouTube freezes the number of views at 301. The actual figures start to be published as soon as all traffic of the posted video is verified for authenticity.
  • As part of the experiment, the guy uploaded and downloaded the same YouTube video over 1000 times. As a result, he proved that there was a gradual regression in audio and video quality.
  • Jackie Chan first appeared on the screen in 1962 in the movie "Big and Little Wong Tin Bar". The film was considered lost, as its original and duplicates did not exist. However, this adventure action movie was suddenly uploaded to YouTube in 3th February 2016.
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