The Oxford English Dictionary Has 26 Words From the Korean Language
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26 Korean Words Were Added to Oxford Dictionary Due to the Influence of Korean Culture

oxford english dictionary Korean Words

The Oxford English Dictionary now includes 26 new words and they are all taken from the Korean language. This happened due to the growing popularity of South Korean culture.

The compilers of the Oxford English Dictionary added 26 Korean words among which are banchan (a small vegetable side dish served with rice), bulgogi (slices of beef or pork that can be grilled or marinated), aegyo (a typical Korean type of attraction, or charm), K-drama (TV series filmed in South Korea).

bts in oxford dictionary

But not all of the added words are borrowings or translations from the Korean language. The compilers of the Oxford Dictionary note that some of them are either new or have acquired new meanings of existing English words. For example, skinship (from skin and kinship) refers to close physical contact between parent and child, or between lovers or friends.

The new edition of the dictionary also includes words such as hallyu- the growing interest around the world in South Korea and its pop culture due to the success of South Korean music, film, television, fashion and food, mukbang- usually broadcast in a live video of a person eating large amounts of food and talking to the audience, taekwondo which is the name of popular martial art, and many others.

The Korean wave is largely driven by the popularity of K-pop groups, most notably BTS. The Koreans also excelled in cinema, cementing their success with an Oscar for Best Picture, which was won in 2020 by Bong Joon Ho's Parasite. Recently released on Netflix, the South Korean drama Squid Game was a hit and topped the streaming charts in 80 countries.

Earlier, the Oxford Dictionary was amended due to the linguistic impact of COVID-19, adding words such as self-isolation and social distancing.

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