Pornhub was sued by 34 women for allegedly showing sex tape without permission
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34 women accused Pornhub of posting sex videos without their permission

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On Thursday, several women sued Pornhub, claiming that the site deliberately posted videos depicting rape as well as child sexual exploitation, and other sexual content without permission.

According to the information, Pornhub which is considered one of the biggest pornography companies monetizes sexual content without permission. Pornhub denies these claims. However, 34 victims who suffered sexual exploitation are now demanding damages and protection. The women, among which are the children, want Pornhub being sued for benefiting from videos shared without their approval. Only one respondent is listed in the complaint. Other 33 women wished to remain anonymous. One of them shared that a video of her, which was uploaded on Pornhub, destroyed her life.

The company hopes the incident will not be a tipping point for the online pornography industry, which is just not enough controlled. This is not the first case of such accusations.

In December, Mastercard and Visa stopped clients from using their credit cards to shop on Pornhub after the site was accused of performing child abuse. Pornhub also denied all the allegations and called them false and inappropriate.

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