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3rd largest diamond was discovered in Botswana | How does it affect Debswana

botswana diamond

A 1,098-carat diamond stone was found in Botswana. Now, it is considered the third-largest gemstone ever mined. It is the third-largest in the world after the Cullinan stone, which is 3106-carat and was minded in 1905 in the South Africa region, and the Lesedi La Rona stone, of 1109-carat, that was discovered in Botswana in 2015.

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The discovery of an unnamed stone could not have been better after the pandemic situation influenced sales of diamonds in the 2020 period. Namely, Debswana production decreased 29% in 2020 to 16.6 million carats, and sales dropped 30% to 2.1 billion dollars as the pandemic influenced both production and sale. Therefore, in 2021, Debswana is going to improve production by 38% to 23 million carats.
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