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50 Cent Threatens To Quit the Music Business, He Plans To Release the Last Album

50 Cent quit music business

50 Cent announced that his unreleased music album could be his last. Curtis Jackson (the rapper's real name) is considered one of the greatest personalities in hip-hop. The 46-year-old performer yet has not delighted fans with new albums for a long time.

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His last full-length release, The Kanan Tape, came out 6 years ago, but despite this, Curtis calls himself a living legend in the music genre, ranking himself among the Top 10 rappers of all time. The artist shared this unexpected news in his post on Instagram when he announced the release of the new album.

Curtis has a music album Street King Immortal, the release of which was planned back in 2011, but it never came out. Perhaps this year, fans of the iconic rapper will be able to get acquainted with such a long-awaited album of the music legend.

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