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71-Year-Old Anna Wintour Was Caught On a Date With Actor Bill Nighy in Rome

71-Year-Old Anna Wintour Was Caught On a Date With Actor Bill Nighy in Rome

Rumors of a novel by the chief editor of American Vogue and her peer have been circulating since 2015. Anna Wintour and Bill Nighy were often seen at fashion shows, as well as in theaters and restaurants. But then 71-year-old Anna was married to businessman Shelby Bryan.

But in October 2020, when Wintour officially became free, she has become very close to Bill. And here is confirmation of this- in Rome, the couple was photographed by the paparazzi. A year after Anna's divorce, she was spotted on a date at the Pierluigi fish restaurant in the center of the city. The actor came to the restaurant with a simple bouquet of three red roses and during the meeting, he constantly touched Anna.

And now, Wintour is suspected of having an affair with the star of Harry Potter Bill Nighy. During the romantic dinner, Wintour even took off her sunglasses, which she wears anytime and anywhere. And this speaks of great trust.

Wintour divorced her second husband, Shelby Bryan, last year. However, her fellow countryman- British actor has been single for much longer. Bill broke up with the actress Diana Quick in 2008 after 27 years of relationship.

Anna and 75-year-old telecommunications tycoon Shelby Bryan were one of America's most powerful couples. However, after 16 years, they broke up. There were many secrets in their relationship: it is still not known for certain whether they were married at all. Insiders claim that their relationship began to deteriorate back in 2013 when Shelby began to have serious financial problems.

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