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9 situations where people stumbled across the weirdest things, but Internet experts help to figure it out

There is a lot of unexplored and strange things in the world. Sometimes people find them and can't guess at all about who created them and why. But the Internet exists for a reason, and there are always experts who can cope with the most complex tasks and can unravel the purpose of the most unusual things.

"Found it in the woods."

weirdest thing 1

It's a steam boiler. It is probably from a train engine, or more likely from a building used for heating or energy production for mining.

"Found in Guam in shallow water."

weirdest thing 2

The author notes that this strange object has put him in a stupor. Commentators suggest that this is part of the rocket. Information about the recent failure of the Chinese Long March 3B rocket launch gave an explanation. It has been observed that the rocket and its equipment are returning to the atmosphere near Guam.

"My grandfather dug this up. Found in Liverpool, probably from World War II, was decorated. What is it?"

weirdest thing

It's called "trench art." Google it and you'll find many beautiful artillery engravings.

"Why is the pool ball attached to the cue?"

pool ball attached to the cue

This is because little children can play and not spoil the table (do not tear the fabric with cues).

"A strange old concrete post with spikes, found in Split, Croatia. Looks like a memorial because of a wreath."

weirdest thing 4

Hi! I'm from Split, and this is a sea urchin. The beach is famous for sea urchins and therefore the clean sea because they live only where the sea is clean. There are fewer now, so people can swim. This is what the statue is dedicated to. As far as I know, there's no hidden meaning, it's an art installation. The wreath isn't always there, so I think it's for someone in particular. I can't find the artist's name, I'll let you know if I do it.

"Found in my grandfather's things (Czech Republic)."

weirdest thing 5

This is the official letter of release of a Bohemian soldier named Johann Slavik from the Austrian Empire after 11 years, 5 months and 22 days of service in two different infantry regiments. It is dated December 15, 1826, and also acts as a letter of recommendation and pass.

He was 33 years old, Catholic, unmarried, and his place of birth and profession are also listed.

He did not receive a disability pension or other benefits, although it mentions something about his disability before he was released.

I think the most interesting information is in the handwritten part of the line, which I unfortunately cannot decipher. The entries deviate from the standard form.

"A strange wooden structure in a field in Illinois. Any ideas?"

weirdest thing 6

It is called the "Alpine Tower" and is mainly used in camps for climbing and skill development.

"Why does this fake birdhouse have any technical items inside? (Forest by the lake near Berlin, Germany)

weirdest thing 8

It's a stash. This laminated map on the inside of the door is a geocaching logo. Geocaching is a tourist game that uses satellite and navigation systems. The search for geocaching, which are hidden by other participants in the game is essence.

"Found buried in the landscaping of the backyard."

weirdest thing 9

This is St. Joseph. It's recommended that you bury it in the yard so the house can be sold.

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