A Teenager Who Made a Deal with the Devil Was Pronounced Guilty of Killing Two Sisters
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A 19-Years-Old Boy Made a Pact with a Demon in Order to Win a Lottery | He Killed 2 Women

danyal hussein 19 killed
The ‘arrogant and deluded’ teen who stabbed two sisters to death after making a blood pact with a demon

A teenager from Britain was pronounced guilty after he killed two sisters in a London park. Danyal Hussein, who is 19 years old, killed Bibaa Henry and her half-sister Nicole Smallman with a knife. The attack happened last June when one of them was celebrating her birthday. Hussein stabbed Nicole, who was 27 years old, 28 times and sank the blade into Bibaa, 46, so hard that the knife broke. Two days before the incident, Hussein bought knives and ordered two shovels and a face mask from the Amazon website.

bibaa henry and nicole smallman
Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, the two sisters murdered by Danyal Hussein at Fryent Country Park in Wembley

The boy said that he made a pact with a devil to kill six women every six months so that he could win a lottery. Then, a copy of the deal with the demon, written by Hussein, was found in his bedroom. The document was signed with his blood, where he vowed to perform sacrifices.

After being arrested in his house, the killer was staring at his wounds all the time and remained silent. Danyal wanted to become a millionaire and thought that the only way to achieve it was to make a pact with a devil. It was reported that after he murdered two women, he bought three lottery tickets.

teenager signed a contract with a demon
The alleged agreement between Hussein and a demon

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