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A 2-year-old girl fell into the arms of the courier who saved her life

girl falling

A 31-year-old man and a father of 2 children was just sitting in the car and waiting for his delivery. Suddenly, he heard the crying of a child and firstly thought that a baby was in strong hysterics. Then, he heard the screams of a crowd of people and got out of the car. He looked up and saw a girl who was going about to fall from the 12th floor. He quickly climbed as soon as he could over the wall that separated him and the building opposite, trying to find a place where the girl could possibly land. He assumed that she might fall on the roof of the house where were dangerous electrical generators and tried to climb there. Since the metal surface of the roof was curved, he couldn’t stand on his feet properly and slipped. Immediately after that, the baby fell on him and he managed to catch her with his hands. Interestingly, she didn’t even cry, but just watched while the blood flowed from her mouth- said the hero.

He gave the girl to the guard who successfully took her to the hospital nearby. At that moment, the man was so shocked that he didn’t even leave his phone number to the girl’s family, but they managed to contact him to inform about the condition of their daughter. According to doctors, the girl dislocated her hip but no other injuries were found. This event changed the ordinary life of the man he had lived before. Now he receives a lot of positive messages and some even send him money. The man is very embarrassed and admits that he doesn’t deserve the money he didn’t earn himself.

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8 months ago

Horrible!! Designers of new multi-storey building need to make everything safe for children!!

Where mum's or dad's eyes, child needed in his parents?

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