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A 9-Year-Old Girl Unlocked Her Dad’s Phone With His Face To Call the Emergency

9 yo girl saved family using face id

A smart girl who is nine years old managed to unlock her dad's phone with his face. But not for surfing the Net or playing games... The girl from Massachusetts was trying to call the emergency service to save her family.

She was peacefully sleeping in her bed when she suddenly heard her dad screaming. And her mother had already lost consciousness due to the carbon monoxide from a generator. The family had borrowed it for several days after the strong storm hit the area. Because of the constant noise, they placed it near the back door outside and thought it was a safe place. But in fact, it was too close to the house.

The incident happened on October 28 to Jayline Barbosa Brandão who quickly grabbed the phone of her dad who was then overwhelmed by the colorless gas. But the iPhone was locked so she managed to hold it up to his face using facial ID.

The girl called 911 took her 7-year-old sister and went to a neighbor to ask for help. Soon, five people from the house were sent to the hospital for treatment. They all had migraine symptoms.

It is recommended to keep a generator at least 20 feet away from doors and windows, as well as to have effective carbon monoxide detectors.

Now, the family doing better, and the children weren't really affected by the gas release. However, we still wonder how the little hero managed to unlock the phone with her dad's closed eyes. But what is interesting the most is that to call the emergency via iPhone, you don't need to unlock the device for it.

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