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A Baked Beans Lover From the United Kingdom Found an Eyeball Inside the Can

A Man Accidentally Discovered an Eyeball Inside the Can With Beans

A baked beans lover says he discovered an eyeball inside the can. Now, after such a finding he may never be able to taste his favorite meal again.

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Martin Ford who was waiting for his quick dinner after a long day purchased the Branston Baked Beans. The man who had been busy working on a construction site was so hungry that he immediately heated the bowl up, not looking inside.

Eyeball Inside the Can With Beans

And when the 54-year old man fished out a pupil from the can with baked beans, he felt sick. Despite the man from the United Kingdom having a strong stomach, he is feeling so bad since then.

A company representative said that this could happen due to a small hole that has allowed air to enter the can. And as a result of the damage to a can, mold developed. However, such perforations are still rare. They plan to contact the consumer to apologize.

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