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A Black Box Will Be Built in Australia in Case of a Global Climate Catastrophe

australia black box

Australian scientists will build a black box that will record data from the last decades of human civilization in case of death due to a global climate catastrophe.

Titled Earth's Black Box, it will be installed on Tasmania by the end of 2022. The purpose of the box that will take place on the west coast of the Australian island is to document all the steps of mankind, bringing it closer to an ecological catastrophe. The device is being made for the future inhabitants of the planet so that they can understand the reason for the disappearance of civilization.

The size of the box will be comparable to the size of a city bus. According to the plan, the device will have a size of 10x4x3 m and will be made of steel 7.5 cm thick. Inside it will be data storage devices that will documentate information on changes in the level of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere and the average annual temperature in various regions of the planet. The black box will operate on solar energy, the batteries will be installed on the roof of the structure.

Construction will begin in the middle of the next year, but the necessary data is being collected now. In addition to data concerning the temperature of the soil and water, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the extinction of species, the box will record newspaper headlines, messages on social networks, and news related to the climate situation. The first information in the box will be information about the UN climate conference that was previously held in Glasgow. 

The developers believe that the box can be beneficial now, as it will record the actions of influential people on the climate issue, which can make them think about their actions. Meanwhile, the team of scientists is testing the memory capacity and methods for longer-term storage.

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