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A Blue Oversized Down Jacket from the Gap Line Was Finally Presented on Social Media

kanye west

Gap together with Kanye West has finally released the first piece of their collaboration, and it has already been sold out. The rapper presented the first drop of the cooperation with an American brand in the form of a down jacket on his 44th birthday. And although the news about the joint work between Yeezy and Gap appeared in June last year, the novelty was presented on social networks only yesterday.

A bright blue oversized down jacket without pockets and zippers will be available for a price of 200 dollars and can only be bought in the United States. At the moment, a pre-order is available on the site of the brand, however, to place an order, you must have an American phone number. The piece from the Gap line will be available for purchase in the fall of 2021.

West and Gap decided to continue environmental trends and chose recycled nylon as the material for the new product. By the way, the rapper will work exclusively on the creation of clothes, but not shoes. This is because West previously signed a long-term contract with Adidas.
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