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A British man goes to the same hairdresser for almost half a century


You have to admit, there is a special magic when we use the services of the same person for many years. Whether it's a good cook, a florist or just a book or meat seller. Going back to him over and over again is like we're exchanging parts of each other.

This is especially important for hairdressers: you want to find your master forever, who will not just cut, but feel you and always get to the point. That's exactly what happened to Sam Farr, who once lived in the English town of Bath: he has been going to a hairdresser Joe Pace since the 1970s.

They've become real friends and even visit each other over the decades. Sam and Joe also have an interesting tradition: the client always brings his camera to capture the work of the master. Look at these pictures, which share a chasm in decades.

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