A Woman Killed Her Husband, Who Hurt Their Children, With Boiling Water and Sugar
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A British Woman Used Boiling Water and Sugar To Kill Her 81-Year-Old Husband

woman killed her husband

A woman from Britain was sentenced to life after she killed her husband. According to the police investigation, the incident happened in July 2020, and the guilty used boiling water and sugar. It was reported that the day before the attack, Corinna Smith discovered news about her husband Michael Baines. It turned out that the 81-year-old man was accused of child sexual abuse to his daughter and son, who then killed himself in 2007.

That's why, the next day, the angry woman poured a bucket with boiling water and mixed it with three bags of sugar. And while her husband was still sleeping in bed, she poured the solution on his bare body. Then the 59-year-old woman went through 9 doors and told a neighbor about the crime she had committed.

Then, the neighbor called the police, who found Baines laying in his bed in pain. The man was immediately taken to hospital and got burns to 36% of his body. It is known that sugar added to water makes it extremely dangerous and better absorbed into the skin. As a result, the man passed away around a month later. Smith faced 12 years in prison.

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