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A City Wizard Was Fired in New Zealand, He Worked in This Position for 23 Years

ian brackenbury channell city wizard

In the New Zealand city of Christchurch, the official city wizard was fired, whose image allegedly does not correspond to the modern appearance of the city. The 89-year-old Ian Brackenbury Channell worked as a wizard for 23 years, but he was not going to retire. His official salary was NZ $16,000 a year.

Ian is a former Canadian Air Force officer who taught literature at a university in Australia and moved to New Zealand in the 70s.

new zealands city wizard

Due to his passion for magic, he lost many friends and wife, who did not take his hobby seriously. The man could not find himself for a long time, so he started working as a wizard animator and quickly became popular. He made public appearances trying to make rain by dancing. In 1982, the wizard was recognized as a living work of art, and the city council created an official position for him.

But 2021 will be the last year of the wizard's work. He will receive his last salary in December, after which his contract will be canceled. Local authorities noted that the decision was difficult, but they decided that such a position in the city is no longer needed.

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