In China, a Father Found His Kidnapped Son After 24 Years of Desperate Searches
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A Couple From China Has Finally Reunited With Their Kidnapped Son 24 Years Later

Couple From China Has Finally Reunited With Their Son

The boy, who was then just 2 years old, was kidnapped in 1997 while he was playing in the playground. The child's father spent all his savings to find his son. A man, named Guo Gangtang, crossed China on a motorcycle, traveling 500 thousand kilometers through 20 provinces and showing local residents a photograph of his son. During the search for his son, he got into several accidents and became a victim of robberies.

Finally, police officers managed to find the son in June, and the boy's identity was confirmed by DNA. According to police, Guo Xinzhen was captured by a woman and her boyfriend, who took him away and then sold him to a couple from central China. So far, no details have been reported about the boy's life and it is unclear whether he knew that he had been kidnapped. The suspects were detained but the trial has not yet taken place.

Over this long period of time, the man became an activist and helped the police return the other missing children to their parents. He also originated a website and charitable organization to help other parents who undergo the same situation. He has fought human trafficking for 24 years and has helped about 100 children return home.

Child abductions for sale in China are regularly reported, although how often this happens is unclear. Basically, kidnappers target children who are too young to know their name or hometown.

A father who is now 51 years old has found his long-lost son and can now finally get on with his life. Guo Xinzhen plans to visit his biological parents regularly.

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