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A curious bear visited a house, searching for food. But two little terriers chased him out

A curious brown bear invaded a house in Pasadena, Southern California. The owner of the house Deedee Mueller was sleeping in the next room when the bear entered the building. So, two little but brutal terriers named Squirt and Mei Mei stood up to defend their home. The brave dogs chased the animal out of the house. Under their pressure, the bear finally gave up. After all, the dogs’ barking woke the woman up and she saw the wild animal leaving the backyard. The video was posted on Twitter and soon get viral.

In the recording, we can see a small bear carefully walks through the kitchen, looking around for a snack. Then the uninvited guest drives his nose in search of food and slowly moves towards the exit. Appeared in the yard, the bear quickly leaves the territory, chased by two terriers, which are ten times smaller.

It seems that bears really enjoy the Mueller home. The owner even has at least 30 videos where animals passing through the yard.

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