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A Decision to Forbid Menthol Flavor in Cigarettes May Possibly Be Made This Week

Menthol Flavor in Cigarettes

It looks like this week will be decisive to make a decision concerning forbidding menthol in cigarettes. According to experts, this decision has been made for years and will have a positive impact on the health of Afro-Americans.

Evidence which was received from recent decades shows that menthol's cooling flavor in cigarettes makes the smoking process easier. The fact is that when breathed, menthol causes a feeling of coolness in the throat while reducing the taste of cigarettes. 85 percent of Afro-American smokers prefer menthol cigarettes. But what is most important, Afro-American men and women are much less likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer disease at an earlier stage.

On Thursday, the FDA will have a deadline to respond to a petition from citizens requesting to forbid menthol as a cigarette flavoring agent. Since the lawsuit only mentions traditional cigarettes, it is unclear if electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products containing menthol will be affected.

According to preliminary estimates, a ban on menthol cigarettes in the United States will lead to the cessation of 923,000 smokers, of which 230,000 are Afro-Americans. LGBT communities also have higher rates of menthol tobacco use, as do adolescents. Literally half of the children who smoke use menthol.

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