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A father who abused his three children awaits 5 charges

rachid khadla

Rachid Khadla, a 56-year-old father of three children, forced his daughter Amira to weigh herself every day to monitor the weight. In addition, he dictated to her what clothes to wear, watched who she visited, and even controlled TV watching. The girl also claimed that her father beat her in the chest and arms and threw a chair at her.

Now, he faces 5 charges of child abuse, not only with his daughter but also with two sons, Hicham and Karim. In 2019, the boy’s father punished him with several blows to the chest for cleaning the room too slowly. After that, he threw him on the bed and began to choke him. The poor boy tried to resist but couldn’t speak. His brother told their mother about this incident and the next day he went to school and shared the details with his friends and teachers. The teachers immediately informed the police and Rachid was arrested.

But the case that took place in October 2019 wasn’t the only one. “Father regularly pushed and beat us, sometimes throwing things at us”- said Karim in court. “He also threatened to kill us”- the boy added.

During the investigation, Rachid’s wife Sarah also spoke about her husband’s cruelty. According to her, he was constantly in control of the family and was angry for no reason. And he directed his anger towards the children. Nevertheless, Rachid completely denies his guilt and says he only shouted but never hit the children.

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