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A Genetically Modified Pig Kidney Has Been Successfully Transplanted Into a Human

A team of doctors from New York performed the first human-pig kidney transplant that did not result in immediate organ dismission.

Genetically Modified Pig Kidney Has Been Successfully Transplanted

NYU Langone Health Medical Center managed to achieve this result thanks to genetic engineering. Scientists modified the pig's genes so that its tissues no longer included a molecule that provokes an immediate rejection. Researchers have searched the solutions for decades. But using animal organs for transplantation purposes wasn’t possible because of rejection by the human body.

The recipient was a patient with a dead brain and signs of renal dysfunction. Before disconnecting the woman from life support, her family agreed to an experiment.

Kidney Has Been Successfully Transplanted Into a Human

Within three days, the new kidney was connected to the blood vessels outside the body. This allowed doctors to monitor the transplanted organ and test its function. The head of the study stated that the transplanted kidney works properly and functions normally.

The animal organ transplant method may be a temporary solution for critically ill patients while they wait for an operation. At the moment, in the United States, almost 90 thousand people are awaiting kidney transplantation. The expecting time for a transplant on average lasts from three to five years. And many sick people around the world die without waiting for a donor organ from another person.

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