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A geologist was beaten by an angry octopus in Australia

A man was beaten by an "angry octopus" while swimming on a beach, being on vacation in Western Australia. In the video that quickly spread on social media and became popular, we can see the octopus that swam close to the coast and then attacked Lance Karlson. By the way, he turned out to be a geologist. What a funny coincidence.

Next, the creature continued to follow him and even beat him in the arm, neck, and back with its tentacles. The tentacles left bright red spots on his skin, which, according to the man, became less visible only after he spilled cola on them.

The man shared with reporters that one of the effective treatments that help after being bitten by sea animals is vinegar. But he did not have any medicine nearby. However, he knew that any acid can help, so he decided to try cola. And it turned out it worked.

Karlson was just about to swim near the place where he and his family were resting in Geographe Bay. Suddenly he noticed, seemed to him at first sight, a tail of stingray attacking a seagull. He only realized it was an octopus when he came closer together with his two-year-old daughter and started filming it. then, the octopus suddenly drifted to their side.

"He jumped on us and it was a real shock"- shared Karlson. Then, when he returned to the water alone, the octopus found him again and hit him.

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