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A Girl Becomes a Boy | Elliot Page Showed How He Looks like after the Gender Change

elliot page

Elliot Page (who until recently was Ellen) showed for the first time how he looks like after breast removal surgery and the therapy necessary for gender change. In the photo that Ell posted on Instagram, he appeared in front of subscribers with a naked torso standing near the pool. As the actor noted in a recent interview, in a new body he is much more comfortable and no longer wants to cry looking in the mirror. If you don’t know who is Elliot Page, read more here: Elliot Page will appear on the future front of Time’s issue.

Page, a frequent LGBT rights activist, said in an interview for Oprah Winfrey in April that the operation "saved his life." The post of the 34-year-old actor has already got more than two million likes where many celebrities have left approving comments under it.
Elliot is currently filming for the Netflix series Umbrella Academy. In 2007, while he was still Ellen Page, he was nominated for several prestigious awards, including an Oscar, for his role as a pregnant teenage girl in Juno. In 2014, Page announced his homosexuality. Adding “I feel like a girl, but I am a boy”. And in February, he announced his divorce from choreographer Emma Portner, with whom he had been married for three years.

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