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A house on the moon for 60 million dollars

house on the moon

According to the latest research, the first house on the moon, a more compact alternative to life on Earth where there is overpopulation, could cost 60 million dollars. According to the estimation, this is approximately 320,000 dollars per month for 1,356 square feet.

To count the price correctly, it was calculated how much it would cost to deliver materials, tools, and also workers to the moon to build such a house. In addition, the price of new technologies that will be required for life maintenance on the moon and many other factors were taken into account. Such as resistance to low gravity conditions, as well as windows that will protect people from passing by meteors.

Interestingly, the land on the moon is very cheap. Depending on the location, the price ranges from less than 20 dollars per acre to 130 dollars.

Additional costs include electricity, food, and water. For example, installing solar panels will cost about 23,000 dollars.

Following houses are expected to cost less, only about 51 million dollars each. The houses will have equipment for growing food and reusing water to save money for transportation costs.

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