A Legendary Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo Passed Away at the Age of 88
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A Legendary French Actor, Famous for Starring in Breathless, Jean-Paul Belmondo Died

A Legendary French Actor, Famous for Starring in Breathless, Jean-Paul Belmondo Died

On Monday, September 6, at the age of 88, the great French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo passed away. The star of the films of Godard and Truffaut, as well as the performer of the cult role in the film Breathless, was considered one of the most famous artists in the country. The information about the death was confirmed by his lawyer. According to Michel Godest, the actor died peacefully at his home in Paris.

Emmanuel Macron expressed condolences calling Belmondo the national treasure of the country. The mayor of Paris also reacted to the news of the death of the actor on her Twitter page. She expressed gratitude for the wonderful memories that will be kept for many generations.

Journalists and fans began to gather together near the actor's house in Paris. Parisians gather in the seventh arrondissement on the rue Saint-Pierre, where, presumably, the apartment in which Belmondo lived in recent years was located. The published footage shows how reporters with cameras stand at the artist's house, and admirers of the French actor's talent gather in the same place.

Belmondo was born in 1933. Through his film career which started in 1956, he performed more than a hundred roles both in commercial and art-house tapes. Belmondo became a laureate of various film awards. For example, in 2016, he received the Golden Lion for his great contribution to cinematography.

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