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A Man Blew Up His Tesla Model S With a Stuffed Mask Sitting in the Cabin

man blew up tesla

The 2013 Tesla Model S owner decided to effectively get rid of his car. The man did this not only to entertain viewers on YouTube but also to stop feeling disappointed from using Elon Musk's car.

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The owner's dissatisfaction started from the moment when several errors appeared on the car's dashboard. That's why Tuomas Katainen decided to shoot a video in which he explained that after 1.5 thousand kilometers traveled, the car began to break down frequently.

After coming to the service center, he found out that the car cannot be repaired without replacing the whole battery. Due to the fact that the car is about 8 years old, the warranty no longer applies to it, and the replacement will cost 20 thousand euros.

Then a resident of Finland decided to say goodbye to a useless car in a funny way- to blow up a Tesla in an abandoned quarry. And it took a group of technicians about 30 kilograms of dynamite. Inside the car, they seated a mannequin with the face of the company's founder. Finn was pleased with the result. According to him, he never got such pleasure from Tesla.

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