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A Man From America Made a Riding Pig From the Minecraft Game, Its Speed Is 32 km/h

minecraft pig in real life

Enthusiasts often create some things from their favorite video games, such as lightsabers, armor, and other equipment. And recently, a YouTube channel creator has created a copy of a Minecraft pig that can be ridden. Electo named his project Hamborghini, playing on the word ham and the Lamborghini car brand.

The blogger gave birth to nothing less than the fastest rideable Minecraft pig in the world. The vehicle is a hybrid between an electric scooter and a hoverboard. The invention has modified grocery cart wheels.

The main design feature is a powerful motor that allows the pig to accelerate to 32 kilometers per hour, as well as an IR sensor built into its head. When the sensor detects that there is a 3D-printed carrot in front of it, Hamborghini begins to move. In Minecraft, the pig can be controlled in a similar way.

During one of the tests, Hamborghini began to accelerate on its own, without the owner's command. Because of this, the pig unsuccessfully crashed into the angle, losing its hind legs. According to the creator, Hamborghini will live forever in his memory, but he does not intend to create a new one.

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