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A Man From Washington Received 25 Years After He Killed His Sister’s Rapist

A Man Got Additional 25 Years for Murdering His Sister’s Rapist in Prison

A man from Washington serving time in prison killed a child rapist who once stalked his younger sister. For a long time, Shane Goldsby sat in the same cell with the convict and listened to his stories about crimes. He eventually broke down and violently beat a 70-year-old man to death. Interestingly, last year Goldsby asked for another inmate, but he was ignored.

For this on Tuesday, 26-year-old Shane received 24 years in prison for the murder of Robert Munger, who was serving his sentence. In 2019, he was convicted of child rape and possession of child pornography and received 43 years of the sentence. Goldsby, in turn, stole a police car and hurt people.

Goldsby later apologized to the Munger family, explaining his concerns about his sister, who was raped when she was still a minor. The cameras recorded multiple kicks after which the victim died in agony three days later.

Then, it was found out that the officers were unaware of the connection between the two men. Goldsby is now held in the Washington State Prison.

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