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A man posed nude near an erupting volcano

nude guy

Sveinn Snorri Sighvatsson, along with other curious tourists, visited Geldingadalur located in Iceland's Reykjanes peninsula. There, a volcano is currently erupting, that has already become a real attraction. On the Internet, you can find different shots of the volcano where someone even tried to fry hot dogs right next to the lava. But Sveinn Snorri Sighvatsson, who became popular on social media, was not afraid to be shot completely naked while standing in front of a volcano and a crowd of surprised people.

At first, he and his friends were just joking about nude photos near the erupting volcano. One of the hero's friends was the photographer Norris Niman, who proposed and happily captured such an unusual and truly rare moment on his camera. Nevertheless, it was not only difficult to catch such a photo near the eruption place, but it was strongly not recommended. All visitors were warned in advance not to come too close to the places of lava eruptions.

“It was like I was standing too close to a big burning fire”-said Niman. “We had about a minute to take a picture in order not to literally fry in front of the entire crowd”- he added. Sighvatsson also advises those who want to repeat his action should stay in a high and safe place and not get too close. "It's very, very dangerous"- the man admitted.

There was a strong wind that day, so the gases from the volcano moved in the opposite direction. Therefore, these lovers of experiments were very lucky. But if there is no wind, going down is highly forbidden.

Although the shooting lasted only a few minutes, hundreds of people managed to see this legendary moment, which is now being discussed on the Internet. While Sighvatsson and Niman are enjoying the attention caused by this unusual photoshoot, Icelandic authorities have limited the number of visitors. The area is now regularly patrolled to monitor the safety of visitors.

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