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A Man Who Entered a Hospital as a Doctor To Care for His Grandmother Got Fired

tomsk fake doctor was fired

At the end of October, a resident of Tomsk, a small town in Russia, changed into a doctor's special suit to get to the institution where his ill grandmother was lying. He stated that he wanted to look after his granny, who was not given the proper attention. In addition, the sick woman was in terrible conditions and lay in her own feces. The man could not get through to the local authorities so he flew to Moscow. There he filmed the violations in the hospital on his phone with a request to conduct a check. The young man was fired from his job after the incident.

After, it was reported that on October 30, an 84-year-old patient died in the intensive care unit of the hospital. The cause of death, according to doctors, was a coronavirus infection, acute cardiovascular and respiratory failure. It is noted that the patient was admitted to the hospital on October 21 in a serious condition with pneumonia and exhaustion.

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