A Man Who Put a Battery Inside His Girlfriend’s Body Faces Jail
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A Man Who Inserted a Battery in His Girlfriend’s Body Faces Prison and Caning

man putting battery into gf body

The man who raped his girlfriend and then inserted objects in her body now faces jail and caning. This was reported today. In addition to almost 14 years of imprisonment, the 32-year-old unemployed man was sentenced to 12 lashes for sugarcane.

The defendant and his cousin physically abused the 27-year-old victim after she allegedly stole some of their belongings. In 2018, two men took the woman to a bank so that she could withdraw money as compensation. But then they found out that the victim's account was empty... They sexually tortured her while his cousin sat on the bed and watched, until she agreed to pay them 300 dollars for the allegedly stolen items, including a power supply unit and a scooter.

Then, the defendant threatened to beat his girlfriend until she agreed to the sexual torture, namely the insertion of two objects- a marker and a battery into her genitals.

The frightened woman was left in a state of death with the battery stuck inside. The victim was taken to the hospital, where the nurses removed it from her body. She was then hospitalized for four days.

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