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A “Mars Sucks” Billboard Encourages People to Think about How They Can Take Care of Earth

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A "Mars sucks" billboard was installed outside SpaceX's base located in California, criticizing Elon Musk's goal to colonize Mars in the future.

This aggressive advertisement was posted on Earth Day and translated for 30 hours. The idea belongs to the Activista agency whose Twitter account also posted messages on Thursday targeting SpaceX plans to make Mars habitable for people.

Such a statement attracted the attention of people on social media who immediately began to discuss the raised topic. Namely, to spend the time and resources that are now "wasted" on the purpose of colonization of Mars, and solving problems here on Earth. And it was added that Mars is far from an ideal place to live in because of temperatures from -117 degrees and dust storms.

 The billboard was designed to encourage people to think more about what they can do to help fighting climate change. For many years people have dreamed of Mars. But now when the images of the previously mysterious planet finally appeared, people saw the harsh reality. This lifeless, boring and empty planet cannot be compared with Earth which is our home. Therefore, we should take better care of the place where we live.

Musk really plans to make Mars habitable, but his goal is not to leave Earth, but rather to provide an alternative. SpaceX has yet to comment on the billboard.

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