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A New Guinness World Record: a Ring With More Than 12 500 Diamonds


How do you think about how many diamonds can be set in one ring? The Guinness World Record can tell you the exact number! 12,638 diamonds have been installed by Harshit Bansal, the owner of Renani Jewels in Meerut. The record was made on December 21, 2020.

The ring is called The Ring of Prosperity (Marigold). It has a circular shape with an ornate floral design. 38-carat real diamonds are installed in the ring. It is quite heavy (165 grams) and massive.

The Marigold has doubled the previous record more than twice (12,638 vs 7,801).

Bansal said to Guinness when he was studying how to be a professional jeweler in Surat, India he was originally sparked with the idea to make a new diamond record. So, he spent more than two years to do so. Isn't this Viral, huh?

What About Renani Jewels?

Renani Jewels company in India which is involved in the production and selling of Diamond studded Jewelle.


Thank you for reading this short article. We hope that you are amazed. Think about how lucky one girl would be to be the owner of such a ring! Read other articles too! Love you and hope to see you again.

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