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A New TikTok Trend: Preparing and Eating Frozen Honey Is Dangerous to Your Health

tiktok frozen honey trend cpuld be harmful

By the end of July, a new trend became popular on the TikTok application. Many people started cooking and eating frozen honey. The ready-made delicacy looks like ice cream and is easy to prepare. You just need to freeze honey and it will resemble jelly. It also tastes great during the hot weather.

However, some American nutritionists are confident that this trend can cause health problems. In the videos, TikTokers eat whole bottles of frozen honey, and this amount of sugar can be harmful.

Honey itself is great, but it should be eaten in small amounts. In addition, the experts warn that eating large portions of frozen honey can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating, and other side effects. This product is especially harmful to people with fructose intolerance. And according to statistics, every third person has such a disease. Nutrition professors are also worried that the trend could be picked up by children who don't even know if they have any digestive problems.

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