A Nun Stole 835000 Dollars from the School and Spent a Significant Amount on Gambling
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A Nun Stole 800,000 Dollars from the Catholic School and Now Faces 40 Years in Prison

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A nun from California admitted that she had stolen 800,000 dollars from the school and spent it on gambling. Now the 79-year-old woman is accused of electronic fraud and money laundering. Mary Margaret Kreper has been working for 28 years as the headmaster of St. James Catholic School located in Los Angeles. She controlled credit union accounts, including a school savings account and a special account for the living expenses of nuns working at the catholic school.

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It was reported, she received 835,000 dollars in donations and tuition fees over the past 10 years. The woman admitted that she spent a significant amount of money on personal needs, mainly in casinos. Now the elderly nun faces up to 40 years in prison. The fact that the nun stole 8ook became known after checking financial documents, which were carried out after her retirement in 2018.

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