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A private house of 37,000 sq.m. in one of the world's poorest countries

mukeshi house

It is officially the most expensive and largest private house in the world and is located in Mumbai, India. It belongs to a family of 5 people: Mom, Dad and children. Daddy is Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest man in India

It's a skyscraper, as you can see in the photo. It is 173 meters high and has an area of 37,000 square meters. But it's not the most interesting thing yet. Only Buckingham Palace is bigger, but it's not a private house.

Construction history

The house can accommodate up to 60 floors at this height. The owner likes high ceilings and open space, so there are only 27 floors. It was built by the Americans. It took 7 years to build the house. Each floor not only performs a certain function and is decorated in a special way, it is made by different techniques and materials.

Originally the appearance of Antilles was created due to scandalous circumstances. The site belonged to an orphanage and was considered to be a Waqf (Muslims call the objects donated to charity organizations, they are often not taxed). So Mukesh bought this plot of land from the Waqf at a price 6 times lower than its real value.

What's in the house?

6 lower floors are occupied by a parking lot, which stores a collection of unique cars (168 pcs.) above its own car service. And only from the 9th floor there are rooms intended for family members:

  • Ballrooms and ballet halls;
  • Cinema;
  • SPA;
  • Fitness club;
  • Several swimming pools;
  • Private Apartments;
  • Helicopter pads 3 pcs;
  • Safe room - a shelter that can save you from various threats;
  • Cold room, where you can relax in hot weather. It's not just chilly, it even has ice and snow;
  • Hanging gardens;
  • One floor fully occupied by maids - about 600 people;
  • Nine elevators.

There is a lot of light in the house due to the high ceilings and panoramic windows. Most floors have spacious balconies and terraces. The house was able to survive an earthquake of up to 8 points. The skyscraper is surrounded by a high fence and is guarded by the military with automatic rifles.

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