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A Real Sex Bomb in Germany: When Police Respond to a Call about a Bomb Alert They Found

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You know policemen know that a lot of people reporting about bombs or possible terrorist attacks just to have fun. But this one… is something special, you will be surprised!

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Bomb Alert Call Appeared to be a Prank

How many erotic videos or stories you know when a man or woman is calling a policeman to have sex with him or her, or even them?! But this prank went far beyond these typical calls.

A bomb alarm in southern Germany turned out to be a fake signal after a grenade-shaped thing was discovered to be a sex toy. German sex bomb and police officers. How many cliches are in the house?!

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What Actually Happened?!

A lady who went jogging in the forest close to Sonnen on Monday evening asked policemen to come (read with a different word to have more fun) after finding what she believed was a hand grenade in a simple plastic bag, according to a statement published by the local force Tuesday.

Police from the Bavarian bomb unit were called in to assess the circumstances and were, luckily, capable to give a speedy all-clear.

The source: CNN

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