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A Resident of Hungary Deliberately Got Hit by a Train To Get Insurance Money

Resident of Hungary Deliberately Got Hit by a Train

In Hungary, a train ran over a man's legs, after which they had to be amputated. The injured person is accused of deliberately lying under the vehicle. And now, instead of millions of euros of insurance, he received a sentence.

The man is sentenced to two years in prison for deliberately lying under a train to get his legs cut off in order to receive insurance payments. Before that, he had insured his life against accidents in 14 companies (from 2013 to 2014).

After that, a terrible incident happened to him. The man is accused that in this way he wanted to receive an insurance payment of 2.8 million euros. He allegedly climbed onto the front of a departing train and threw himself onto the tracks.

Shortly after the incident, his wife reported this to insurance companies, demanding compensation. However, for most insurance companies, this case seemed suspicious.

The investigation proved that on that day the man did not take one of his three cars for the trip, but went to the railway station. He claimed that there were pieces of broken glass on the platform, on which he slipped and then was hit by a train.

Nearby was the suspect's wife, who had special equipment with her to stop the bleeding. It is also strange that the driver initially claimed that the man had indeed been hit by a train, but later changed his testimony, saying that the accused had deliberately gone under the vehicle.

The investigation lasted 7 years and ended with a verdict. Now the injured man will not receive any insurance payment.

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