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A Resident of New Zealand Received 10 Vaccinations Against Coronavirus in a Day

Resident of New Zealand Received 10 Vaccinations

The authorities of New Zealand are now investigating information that a resident of the country received ten doses of the vaccine against the COVID-19 disease in one day on behalf of different people. It is believed that they paid the man in order to avoid the restrictions on the unvaccinated.

The unnamed New Zealander visited several hospitals during the day for vaccinations. In the country, the vaccine can be ordered through the official website or from a doctor. To get vaccinated, a person must provide their name, date of birth, and physical address. No additional identification is required. On the one hand, this makes vaccination more affordable. On the other hand, it allows non-vaccinated people to ignore the system.

It is noted that such behavior threatens not only the person who is vaccinated under a different name but also the one whose medical record will indicate false information about the vaccine. Doctors urged anyone who received more doses of the vaccine than recommended to seek medical attention. According to experts, a man who received ten vaccinations is unlikely to suffer much. The maximum that threatens him is fever and headaches the next day.

The country plans to vaccinate 90% of people with two doses by the end of the year.

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