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A Russian Inhabitant Filed a Lawsuit Against McDonald’s for Insulting Religious People

Woman sues McDonald's after complaining that a cheeseburger advert was so irresistible

A woman from Russia wants to sue McDonald's for 14 dollars for advertising a cheeseburger and chicken McNuggets insulting her religious feelings and forcing her to break her fast. This was reported by Omsk's court, where the corresponding claim was filed. The date of the hearing has not been appointed yet.

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The woman was outraged by the situation that occurred in 2019 in Omsk city. In April, she saw an advertisement where the signature dishes of the fast-food restaurant were depicted. And despite the fact that at that time there was Lent, which she has followed for 16 years in a row, she bought herself McDonald's products that contain meat.

Due to the fact that the woman could not resist and ate non-vegetable food for 0,50 cents, she asked the local court to investigate. In addition, she demanded compensation for the moral damage in the amount of 14 dollars.

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