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A Spanish Man Killed His Own Mother, Then Cut Her Body and Ate Her Remains

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A citizen of Spain is now was facing 15 years and 5 months of jail after he killed and ate his mother. Alberto Sanchez Gomez from Madrid was arrested in 2019 after the police went to his mother's house and found body parts lying on the floor of the apartment. Some of the human remains were in the process of being prepared, while others were stored in plastic containers.

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The defendant who was 26 years old at the time confessed to the court that he choke his mother and ate her for at least two weeks. He added that not only he sometimes ate her body parts but also gave them to the dog. The man also shared that he killed his mother after they got into a fight. He cut her body with a saw and two kitchen knives, keeping some parts in the refrigerator and putting others in the bin. Before the arrest, it was reported that he suffered from a personality disorder and also used drugs. The trial is still ongoing.

In addition to the charges, the man will also have to give his brother around 73,000 dollars in compensation.

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