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A Tesla car crashed into a tree, being in autopilot mode. Elon Musk loses more than 5 billion dollars

elon musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has lost more than 5 billion dollars after the company's assets worth dropped 3.4 percent, to be precise to 714.63 dollars due to news of an electric car accident that happened on April 17. According to the authorities, the fact that no one was driving (one of the victims was in the front passenger seat and the other in the back) and other evidence indicate that the accident was caused by incorrect use of the autopilot.

Earlier it was reported that two people died in Texas after an electric car crashed into a tree at high speed and caught fire. The car flew off the road after being unable to make a bend. According to the results of the investigation, at the time of the accident, the car was in autopilot mode. Local authorities confirmed that none of the passengers were driving. However, Musk later denied this claim, noting that the owners of this Tesla car did not purchase the fully autonomous driving function. He also added that for the autopilot proper working, certain road markings are needed, which were absent on the street where the accident happened.

Now the head of SpaceX and Tesla rates the third position in the ranking of the richest people in the world. His fortune is estimated at 174.6 billion dollars.

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