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A TikTok Star Is Dead After the Girl Fell From a 160-Feet Crane | The Two Children Are Left

Chinese TikTok star Xiao Qiumei dies

A TikTok star from China, Xiao Qiumei, tragically died after falling from a height of 160 feet. The 23-year-old girl, who was popular on Chinese networks, fell from a crane while she was recording a live video on her mobile phone.

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The family of the dead TikTok star confirmed the news, saying that she mistakenly fell while filming herself in a crane cabin. Previously, Xiao regularly posted videos of her doing her job as a crane operator. However, she denied filming during the work.

That day, the witnesses saw the girl fall to the ground holding a phone in her arms. The incident when the TikTok star died happened on Tuesday in the evening when most of the employees went home. Xiao had two children.

Earlier this month, another citizen of Hong Kong died after falling from a waterfall while taking a photo.

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