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A Trailer for James Gunn’s Peacemaker Has Appeared on the Network and Much More From DC

james gunn john cena

On the evening of October 16, Warner Bros. hosted a fan event, where they talked about new projects within DC Multiverse. During the DC FanDome 2021, the trailers, teasers, and excerpts from films, TV series, games, and comics were presented. The event took place online and collected the main news of current and future projects.

suicide squad 2 peacemaker

A solo series about the Suicide Squad 2 character Peacemaker has finally arrived. The main role is played by John Cena, who recruited his team and got a tame eagle. It will tell about the supervillain who first appeared in the second part of James Gunn's Suicide Squad. The director was fully responsible for the script, and also directed several episodes of the series. There will be eight episodes in the show and it will be produced by Peter Safran. The show will appear on January 13, 2022, and will be translated on the streaming service platform, HBO Max.

In addition, a new trailer for the restart of The Batman franchise with Robert Pattinson in the main role was presented. This is the most highly anticipated trailer and is a remake of Matt Reeves. The trailer featured Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman and Colin Farrell as Penguin.

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Fans also got the first look at Black Adam starring Dwayne Johnson. This is a film about the main enemy of Shazam, who has almost the same abilities.

A teaser for The Flash was also featured in the comic strip starring Ezra Miller. The video features Supergirl played by Sasha Calle and Batman, played by Michael Keaton. A poster for Season 8 of The Flash was also shown.

Aquaman and his enemy Black Manta were also revealed, and the second part of Shazam was also shown. In addition, they talked about a couple of cartoon projects, one of them is Super-Pets heroes who will save the world. And Catwoman will now have a solo cartoon.

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