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A Tricky Woman Brought Almost All Her Family on a Date To Test Man’s Generosity

Woman takes 23 family members on blind date to test man generosity

A cunning woman from China decided to invite almost all her family on a date in order to test the partner's generosity. But unfortunately, her plan ended with the man's escape.

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The funny incident took place at a restaurant in the eastern Chinese province where 23 family members were brought. At the very beginning to impress his date, Lui had agreed to pay for the meal, not expecting an enormous bill. But Mr. Lui who is 29 years old, wasn't stupid enough for that so he ran away. Interestingly, it was his mom who came up with the idea of meeting because she was worried about her son's lack of dating life.

As a result, the woman who just wanted to test the man before starting the relationship with him had to pay the whole bill herself,  namely 3,100 dollars. And Mr. Lui paid for his small portion and nothing more. And this is completely understandable.

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