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A woman from Southern Thailand discovered a valuable material worth a fortune


Siriporn Niamarin, a woman from Southern Thailand, accidentally found a block on the beach next to her house. She decided to bring it home and try to sell it to someone, but then it turned out that its value is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars.

She told to reporters that the block was about half a meter long and 30 centimeters wide and smelled weird. “I took it home to sell it on the market, but I didn’t even suspect that it could be so expensive”- the woman said.

The fact is that it turned out to be so-called grey amber- a substance that is released from the vomit of whales. It is a greasy, oily, and heavy material that resembles wax. Whales are trying to facilitate the passage of substances in the digestive tract and then this vomiting occurs. Interestingly, people have been using gray amber for many years to produce expensive perfumes. As far as it is known, the block the woman found weighs 7 pounds and is worth over 258,000 dollars. She plans to use this huge amount of money to help her community and improve the quality of life of the residents of the area.

However, this block of grey amber is not as large as another one that was found off the coast of Thailand in November 2020. A fisherman found a piece of such amber that weighed over 100 pounds and could sell it for 3.3 million dollars.

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