A woman who had the longest nails on the planet has decided to finally cut them
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A woman from Texas who had the longest nails in the world has cut them


A woman from Texas who was included in the Guinness Book of World Records. She owned the longest nails on the planet but now she has finally decided to cut them. The length of the grown nails was 24 feet and took 30 years to grow up.

The record "The longest nails on women's hands" was set in 2017. Then the nails of Ayanna Williams had a length of 19 feet. Then in 2021, they have grown another 5 feet. She started nail extension thirty years ago. And this month she decided to cut them to a usual length. Interestingly, to have her manicure done she needed two containers of nail polish and, just imagine, 20 hours of time.

The woman attended an office of dermatology located in Texas for the procedure. She shared that the process was really emotional for her but now she can do everyday chores that were impossible before. For example, Williams can't text easily or open the doors. Now, she thinks of growing the nails but to a length of about six inches.

The cut nails that definitely worth a place in history were bought by Ripley's Believe It or Not. The brand purchased them for a mysterious amount. And now, beginning from Friday, you can personally see the nails in the exhibition.

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