A Chinese Woman Drove Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Car for 2 Days, Breaking the Laws on Purpose
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A Woman Took Her Ex-Partner’s Car and Broke the Traffic Rules in Order To Get a Revenge

Woman breaks red light for revenge
Woman breaks red light for revenge

According to the police report, the woman intentionally took her ex-boyfriend’s car and ran 49 red lights to get a fine. The Chinese woman decided to make such a plan to take revenge on the cheater, who left her for another woman.

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Later, a woman recognized as Lou was captured. An angry woman asked her friend to rent her former partner's Audi. Then, he gave the car to another person named Zhu, who, together with Lu, was driving the car for two days breaking the traffic rules.

After the perpetrators were stopped by the police, it became known that the vehicle belonged to a man known as Qian, who was dating Lu before leaving her for another woman.

It was also reported that Zhu, Lu's helper, was promised a date with her if he joined her in revenge. He was also arrested.

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